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 Data Load

The ECRT data load process is an easy to use feature that allows users to add a series of data files for uploading. Multiple or single data files can be loaded. The data load feature list 4 actions a users can take - Add Files, Start Upload, Delete File and Cancel Upload.

Welcome to ECRT

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has deployed the web-based ECRT system to serve as the new tool to facilitate the institution's effort reporting and certification process. The institution's previous process, which included a cumbersome paper process, will no longer be used. Individuals that are required to review and certify their sponsored effort can take comfort knowing that this new technology dramatically simplifies the process.

ECRT is a web-based technology that intuitively guides certifiers and administrators through the various aspects of the effort reporting and certification process on a quarterly basis. The ECRT system uses a guided process to walk you through the steps that you will need to complete effort certification.

The ECRT system is designed to help faculty comply with the provisions of this institution's effort reporting policies, federal policy 2 CFR 200.430, DHHS salary limitation on grants and other relevant agency policies that govern the need to provide certification of an individual's effort pursuant to his/her sponsored programs. Faculty with sponsored programs are required to complete and submit an Effort Certification Statement in accordance with the deadlines established with the University's Time and Effort policy.

So, log in and get started. You will be certified before you know it!